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  • The relationship between individualism and community must be balanced somewhat. One cannot dominate the other permanently - stacked but never side by side.

  • The American soul needs to be redefined, reworded and agreed upon. Perhaps “even person is ensured an opportunity to stability and happiness.” It is a synonym to the original mantra but as does the english language, we say the same things in different ways in order to gain a new perspective.

  • We don’t wish to have control over life’s work. We want glory - our name in lights. This greed is masked behind individualism.

  • Why do we keep finding ourselves vulnerable to fear?

  • Is the fight against nostalgia a reoccurring battle at the turn of every era?

  • What strikes me is America’s affinity for confession. We confess our sins and we become self aware, and so, we are off the hook. Emotions are all that remain and we continue to let reason die.

  • Yes, we move forward but not without a fight. No progress story is stagnant. Time changes nothing; people change the world over time.

  • What are modern politicians’ relationship with Strom Thurmond?

  • Why do civil rights protections on a federal level immediately strike the right as “communist” behavior?

  • We have always had an unhealthy love for ourselves. So much so that we worship our past in a cultish way. The western world is, yes, a modern discovery that is the world’s most profound. We are still on the same rock though.

  • What we act upon collectively will never be agreed upon collectively. This is not a flaw but the beautiful complexity of humans.

  • There is something charming about America’s blind passion even if it tends to be toxic.

  • Why is international news hard to come by in American news outlets?