Current Events

August 14th 2019

🇺🇸United States
ASAP Rocky, an American rapper, is found guilty for assault after a street fight in Stockholm.
+ U.S. public is pleased.
-- Swedes reject Trump's statements on the matter.
🇺🇸New York
Child Victims Act is passed and in effect.
+ N.Y. public is pleased.
+ Justice opened to be served for long standing victims.
+ Catholic Church protection weakened.
🇨🇳Hong Kong
Mass protests continue into its 10th week for full democracy and police accountability.
-- Public unrest reaches new heights.
-- Tensions rise between Hong Kong and China.
-- Police brutality worsens.
-- Air transportation delays.
-- Economic consequences due to disruptions.
+ British MP considers full citizenship rights to HK Chinese.
🇺🇸United States
Nancy Pelosi claims Congress will not allow US-UK trade deal if Brexit violates Good Friday Agreement.
-- Uneasiness from English and Irish public.
-- Tensions between White House and Congress.
+ U.S Congress willing to fight negative effects.
🇺🇸United States
Dow plunges more than 800 points into familiar pre-reccession territory.
-- Possible reccession on the horizon.
-- Public unrest worldwide.
-- Nations unwilling to work together.
-- President Trump pushes blame to Federal Reserve.
Police shootout against gunfire in a residential home.
-- Public safety at risk.
-- Background checks ignored.
-- Domestic terrorism continues.
🇺🇸United States
New antibiotic developed to fight tuberculosis.
+ Medical advancement.
+ Leading infectious cause of death improved.
🇺🇸United States
Congressman (R)Steve King urged to resign after abortion remarks.
-- Futher divide between Dems and Rep.

August 15th 2019

🇬🇧United Kingdom
🇺🇸United States
UK Territory releases Iranian tanker 'Grace 1' despite US detention request.
-- Tensions rise between U.S and Iran.
-- Tensions in the Persian Gulf.
-- Tensions rise between UK and Iran.
🇺🇸United States
Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib banned from Israel.
-- Further divide between Dems and Trump.
-- Trump villianizes Progressives again.
-- Tensions between U.S. Congress and Israel.
+ Israel strengthens alliance with Trump.
July 2019: All time hottest month on record.
-- Negative effects of climate change continue.
-- Arctic and Antarctica in danger.

August 16th 2019

🇰🇵North Korea
North Korea fires missiles shortly after calling South Korea's president "impudent."
-- Tensions rise between North and South Korea.
-- Uneasiness from South Korean public.
🇺🇸United States
China moves forward with 'countermeasures' in resposnse to U.S. tarrif delay.
-- U.S - China trade war continues.
-- Global economic threat.
+ President Xi Jinping increases political stability.
Plastic found in rocks on the beaches of Southern England.
-- Negative effects of climate change continue.
-- New plastic pollution discovered: pyroplastic.
-- Animals at risk for ingesting plastics.
🇺🇸United States
Trump privately expresses interest in buying Greenland.
-- Tensions between U.S. and Greenland.
-- Trump's foreign strength weakened.
🇺🇸United States
Trump privately expresses interest in buying Greenland.
-- Tensions between U.S. and Greenland.
-- Trump's foreign strength weakened.
+ Greenland tourism could be strengthened.
California sues Trump over rule denying green cards to immigrants.
-- Citizenship access tightened.
-- Trump barrs poor immigrants to citizenship.
+ California willing to fight negative effects.