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Thoughts on Nostalgia and an American Mid-Life Crisis

The 20th century started with an explosion of futurism, forward progress, excitement for a new world with quickly emerging technologies and it ended with nostalgia. The 21st century continues to grow at an exponential rate. Technology is improving faster than we can keep up with. Advancements in the medical field, business, transportation and entertainment continue to climb quickly. However, we desire to hit pause instead of riding this wave into a different earth, an unfamiliar future, a future that is at this point inevitable. We have hit pause globally.

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Social Currency & Cancel Culture

The social market is as volatile as a Wall Street floor, and if you aren’t willing to learn or keep up, there’s the door. I am a product of my generation, so naturally I want my hand in social currency - a currency that has gone beyond a single unit value. Now it can be traded, manipulated and fabricated altogether, much like what we see in financial institutions. Social media is world number 2, or rather version 1.5. It may have parallels to the real world but the meat on its bones is still rare. And I’m not sure we want to see world number 2, for despite the attraction of a pretty new future, we have a lot to understand and more importantly, to fix.

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